More Than Angels

We represent an experienced group of businessmen who have spent their careers leading Food and Drink Businesses.

Our three Founding Partners are:

Our associate partners co-invest with us on a case by case basis. All the group's investment is managed through a single point of contact to keep interactions with management as efficient as possible.


Sitting behind the Partners of MoreThanAngels are a group of Associates who invest with us on a case by case basis.

Each Associate is carefully selected either by having worked with one of us for a considerable period of time or are drawn from our extended networks. We do not accept speculative applications from individuals to join our Associate base.

All Associates are Director or C level professionals, typically with over 20 years experience within their chosen discipline, and the vast majority have spent a considerable amount of their careers within the Food Industry. They are invited to join us for the expertise they hold, the personal networks they have access to or for other value added reasons. Most of our Associates are employed on a full time basis with a smaller number being retired.

Some Associates have undertaken short term project engagements with companies we have invested in
but most remain hands off and their involvement is managed via the single point of contact model we adopt.